Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
  Boloria selene

This specimen was photographed at Rogart, Sutherland,
in June 2007 by Tony Mainwood


Reddish-orange ground colour on uppersides of wings, with black spots and veins. Silver markings on underside of rear wings.

Although similar in size and appearance to the Pearl-bordered Fritillary, the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary has a later flight period, and can be distinguished by examining patterns on the rear wings.

The following illustrations compare the rear wing patterns of each species. These are reproduced from the leaflet "Learn about the Pearl-bordered Fritillary" published by Butterfly Conservation Scotland.

Wingspan 35 - 41mm (male), 38 - 44mm (female).


Single brooded. Ova laid singly on dog-violet or marsh violet. Hibernate as larvae, emerging in Spring to feed again. Pupates in late April or early May.


In Moray, this butterfly tends to appear on the wing in 3rd week of June. On the west coast, it may emerge as early as the end of May. June and July are the best months to look for this species.


The commonest fritillary in the areas covered by Highland Branch, occurring very widely on the mainland, and on Skye and the Small Isles.



Butterfly Conservation Scotland (2005). Learn about the Pearl-bordered Fritillary (leaflet).