Dingy Skipper
  Erynnis tages

This specimen was caught near Tronach Head, between Portknockie and Findochty, in 1961 (Bill Slater).



Brown wings with bands of darker brown and grey. Wingspan 27mm - 34mm. Rapid flight can make it difficult to detect. Tends to rest on bare patches of rock or soil.

Wingspan 27 - 34mm.


Ovum laid on upper surface near base of leaf of birds-foot trefoil. This stage lasts 9-12 days.

Larva fully grown mid-August, when it constructs a hibernaculum in which to spend the winter.

Pupa formed in larval hibernaculum at end of April, remaining in this stage for 30-36 days.


Usually from mid May until late June.


Found along the southern shore of the inner Moray Firth. In the past, its distribution extended east into Banffshire, where it was recorded at Portknockie in the 1960s. Its disappearance from that area is linked with changes in vegetation, caused by the cessation of winter grazing and burning on the sea braes. Also recorded in Glen Strathfarrar and upper Speyside.